Keeping your lawn green doesn't have to be a chore.

It’s the first thing you see when you get home – keep your lawn green and protect the investment you’ve made in your home with a lawn irrigation system. It’s responsible to the environment by minimizing the use of energy and water resources while keeping your landscape lush, green and in bloom.

Customize your sprinkler installation to meet the needs of your yard and ensure every corner stays lush and green. We will design, install and calibrate an efficient and well-calibrated irrigation system to minimize the maintenance of your lawn and garden.

We’ve been focusing on the big picture since 1998

From a custom design of your entire outdoor living space, to the small, and often overlooked details. After you have a new lawn or garden installed keeping it healthy and lush is environmentally responsible, and easy to manage when you invest in an irrigation system.

Terra-Opus Group’s certified irrigation technicians can customize an irrigation system based on your property’s precise irrigation requirements. Whether it be irrigation installation, maintenance, repair or renovation, Terra-Opus Group has your property covered.

Wifi Enabled Irrigation Systems


Drip Line Irrigation

Drip line irrigation replaces the conventional mister or rotor based irrigation systems with a water line that is either buried, or laid on top of the soil. After it is installed small perforations are made in the line at precise points, traditionally at the base of the plant specimen, which allows for extremely efficient watering with almost no waste due to evaporation or over-shot. In landscape installations drip line irrigation is traditionally used in hedges, or large foundation plantings.

Terra-Opus Group uses commercial grade components and WiFi controllers to keep your lawn efficiently watered. Watering according to a plan is more environmentally friendly as the plants stay healthy, leading to more oxygen produced, less water waste, less fertilizer required, less pesticides required, and less need for future investments in replacement plant material.

Other Services


Sprinkler System Winterization

Your system needs to be pressurized using a commercial grade compressor to force all of the water and moisture from the lines, valve bodies and irrigation heads. This is critically important as it ensures that the water in the system throughout the summer months doesn’t become trapped, freeze and explode or otherwise damage the irrigation components.

Irrigation System Repair

Terra-Opus Group covers everything from the replacement of an irrigation head, to spray nozzles, unclogging heads, burst and kinked pipes, valve and solenoid replacements, and controller resets and replacements. Something else? Contact us, we may be able to help!


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