About the Terra-Opus Group

We don’t just go the extra mile to make our customers happy. Devoting as much time as needed, refusing to compromise in any way, and staying true to your vision are the best ways we know to get new customers.

Garden with Water Feature Landscape Design GTA | Terra-Opus Landscape Design
To make it all happen, we put our 20 years of experience in landscape design and development to work in a unique approach to finding the one and only perfect landscape for your home.

Intelligent Design

We’ve learned to listen to you. And we’ve developed a design approach that starts with your expressed needs and desires. They are interpreted by qualified and passionate in-house designers who use the latest technology to create the first renderings of your new landscape.

Complete Services

Over the years, we assembled and developed the skills and tools needed to offer concept-to-completion landscaping services, while maintaining our consistently high standards of quality across every service.

Consistent Communication

Whether it’s landscape design, maintenance or any other service we deliver, we keep you informed, get your feedback and proceed accordingly.

Integrity Throughout

We make no excuses. We cut no corners. We remain faithful to the design you approve. We use the best materials and the highest standards of workmanship.


You can rely on the quotation we give you, the schedule we set and the enduring quality of everything we do for you.

Meet the people who will help you design, build and grow your landscape