November 20, 2017



The Premium Lawn & Garden Program

This is a comprehensive property care package. From an initial spring clean up to rejuvenate your garden, to weekly lawn and garden maintenance, complete fertilizer and weed control applications, along with turf remediation, concluding with a thorough fall clean up and winter preparation, your property will benefit from our regularly scheduled visits. This program also includes a complimentary property audit that will utilize our expertise to offer landscape improvement suggestions. This program has been designed specifically for you if you are looking for an enhancement to the overall value and look of your property.

Premium Lawn and Garden Program

Spring Clean Up: Revive & refresh your lawn, gardens and shrubbery after a harsh winter and prepare it for the season.

Property Plan: Expert assessment of the lawn, gardens, shrubbery; a consultation with you on desired outcomes for the property.

Spring Aeration: Enable air, water and other nutrients to penetrate the grass roots allowing them to grow deeper and develop into a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Spring Top Dress & Over Seed: Repair winter damage with an additional layer of topsoil & grass seed to the lawn. This will reduce lawn stress, keep thatch under control, thicken the turf and act as a long-term fertilizer.

Spring & Summer Turf Fertilizers: Promote a thicker, healthier lawn with these two fertilizer applications. The slow release material will provide long term nutrients to the turf as well as strengthen the grass roots.

Spring & Fall FIESTA Weed Control: Treat broadleaf weeds with this ECO friendly, mineral based herbicide. This treatment will be applied to the turf twice annually.

Weed Control for Walkways & Patios: Maintain weed free walkways & patios with weed control applications as required.

Garden Bed & Shrub Maintenance: Sustain beautiful garden beds with regular weed removal, edging, cultivation, monitoring mulch and soil levels and inspection for insect or disease damage. Options regarding garden addition or augmentation will also be provided.

Lawn Cutting & Edging: Weekly lawn cutting, trimming, edging & blowing of porches, walkways & driveways. Grass clippings will be mulched back into the turf for additional nutrients. Clippings may also be bagged and disposed of off-site as required.

Fall Top Dress & Over Seed: Enrich your turf with an additional layer of topsoil to further strengthen a deep, dense root system. This is also a good time to introduce drought resistance grass seed to your turf.

Fall & Late Fall Turf Fertilizers: Repair turf damage caused by the summer heat with a fall fertilizer application. A second application in late fall will promote spring root growth and an early spring green up.

Fall Clean Up & Winter Preparation: Prepare your property for the coming winter. Lawn & gardens will be fully cleaned with all debris being disposed of. Annuals will be removed; perennials will be prepped for winter. Shrubs may be covered upon request.


Terra-Opus has maintained my lawns for the past 8 years. Our lawns are always looking their best and the grass is healthy and full.

The fertilzer program with Aeration and Overseeding helps maintain a healthy beautiful lawn.

I highly recommend using their professional and expertise service, you won't be disappointed.

Ellen Jones