November 20, 2017



Caleb and his team work closely with each client to ensure that their lifestyles and budgets are of top priority. Using a variety of locally grown shrubs, plants and flowers, we are able to create gardens that are well balanced and suitable to your property.

Perennials are very hardy, come back every year and generally have long blooming periods. When a perennial is not actively in bloom, you can enjoy them for their foliage, form and texture. Ornamental grasses, vines and ground covers are becoming very popular as well.

Annuals should be re-planted every year because they cannot survive the winter.They are however highly effective for adding splashes of colour throughout the garden, and make wonderful additions to flower pots and window boxes.


Our new garden in the backyard has completely transformed our property for the better. We are so pleased with the outcome and the fact that you will maintain it for us.

Thank you for bringing such beauty and elegance to our home. We just love it.

Marilyn Smith